A matter of taste

Bangkok’s gourmets really don’t know how spoiled they are with the marvelous food available to them. The following sample of mouth-watering dishes comes from a Suriwong Road establishment that clearly caters for everybody’s taste.
Let’s start with the soups, where we have a rather doubtful choice between Bean curds with internal organs or Dried vegetable with pickeled plumps. If you survive this, a recommended dish is Steahed fish with perhaps sideplates of Corn tried and All sides vegetable fried.
Many people like to eat in relative peace and presumably with this in mind the restaurant has very conscientiously come up with Vegatables with hushrooms. The clergy are not forgotten either judging from the Chicken, frog and holy basil. Rumours that the Horning glory with snail oil is some kind of Oriental aphrodisiac could not be verified. Just to round off that delightful repast the menu concludes with the salutation Thank you yerymuch.
And “Thank you yerymuch” to the restaurant on Sukhumvit where I enjoyed a very tasty Legg of lamp, although I refrained¬†from sampling the Shrimp cocklait. However, there have been good reports about the Pork shops, that is, if you don’t mind having them with Spring rools. Well, it beats bangers and mash any day.