A rattling good time

On a number of occasions cockroaches have been known to upstage a-go-go dancers in some of Bangkok’s less distinguished establishments. One variation on this theme featured a dancing rat. The rat was being pursued by an unsociable cat at the time. As it scurried into the bar it leapt up on the stage and tried to disguise itself as one of the dancers. Although this clever ploy deceived the moggy, it didn’t fool the eagle-eyed customers who realised that for the first time that night there was actually something on stage dancing in rhythm to the music. The dancers themselves were less than appreciative of this intrusion, shrieked in classic fashion and leapt onto those pole things they have in such places.
Meanwhile, the rat was heavily into some creditable break-dancing. Alas it did not pass the audition. Its versatile performance failed to impress the bar owner, who ended the rodents brief dancing career with a well aimed Kloster bottle. That’s show business.