Apres le Deluge

The rainy season brings its own delights in Bangkok.
In the deep end
One of the strangest results of flooding in Bangkok is that it can put people living in the same city in almost two different worlds — those who are directly affected and those who are not. One can battle through scenes of indescribable chaos in one part of the city, only to find life going on as normal just a few kilometres away. And if you happen to have just emerged on dry land from a waterlogged section of the city clutching shoes and with soggy trousers rolled up, do not be surprised if the nice dry people give disdainful looks as if you are an exhibitionist or some kind of creature from outer space.
Even more exasperating is arriving at the office after bravely wading down sois, falling down holes and generally getting soaked only to run into someone from the dry part of the city who asks smugly “Has it been raining?” However, as a kind of compensation, anyone who does experience the floods usually has their own little flood story to relate … if they can find anyone to listen.