Bugged by bunny

At times the Crutch residence resembles a zoo. One morning I was wandering around the garden trying to recall if I’d done anything particularly foolish the night before — I had — when a hairy white creature leapt out of a bush and bounded across the grass. It looked suspiciously like a rabbit. It was a rabbit.
As I pursued the creature, Ms Yasothon appeared, looking somewhat guilty. “Gradty” (rabbit), she said. “Yes, I know it’s a bloody gradty,” I replied. “What’s it doing in our garden?” She informed me we were temporarily looking after it, very temporarily if I had my way. But at least it didn’t make any noise. In fact it was rather cute — I even went out and bought it some carrots. Must be getting soft in my old age. Anyway since I mentioned I was rather partial to rabbit stew, the creature has kept a pretty low profile.