The Foot Soldiers

If there’s ever a second class citizen, it’s the Bangkok pedestrian.
Driven to despair
A friend’s wife recently complained about how she was nearly knocked down on a pedestrian crossing in Bangkok, almost becoming another member of that growing breed Pedestrus expirus. Being a motorist himself, this friend had his own views about pedestrians, which were not entirely complimentary. However, recalling that he had almost been wiped out on pedestrian crossings on a number of occasions, he decided to be more considerate to pedestrians in future and stop at crossings.
The next morning he was driving down Sukhumvit Road when he spotted a man trying to cross the road at that suicidal pedestrian crossing near Soi 39. Faithfully carrying out his new found sense of social responsibility he duly stopped and waved the man across. For the next two minutes he witnessed the classic Sukhumvit Cha Cha as the man tried to cross the road — two steps forward, two steps back. All the other motorists were roaring past at great speed, totally ignoring the crossing and honking at our model citizen for his unnatural behaviour of stopping at a pedestrian crossing.
Finally there was a break in the traffic and the man scurried across the road to where my motorist friend had stopped,┬ápresumably to thank him for his kind gesture. Instead he enquired if the car had broken down and if that was the case he could get it fixed “for a reasonable fee” at his garage just across the road.