The odd couple

One morning I was in a bit of a rush to get to work and noticing my shoes were even more grubby than usual, asked the maid to give them a quick brush. She took them outside and set to work. But after a short while the brushing sound suddenly stopped. There followed a lot of concerned Isan exclamations interspersed with a few giggles. Then it fell quiet.
She re-entered the house clutching the shoes, while half a dozen pairs of eyes peered through the door waiting to see what would happen. She pointed to the shoes and said something about them not being the same. I looked at them wondering what on earth she was talking about. But she was right. My pair of shoes were no longer a pair, they were definitely odd.
The left one looked familiar. Yes, that was my shoe alright, cheap and nasty. But the right one was definitely the wrong one. A rogue shoe, similar in design, but with a touch of class. It also had a heel about an inch thicker than my left shoe, which might have explained why I had trouble standing up straight the previous evening.
Understandably, the maid seemed a little puzzled why the nai had left for work the previous morning wearing his normal shoes and in the evening returned with an odd pair. Was it some strange farang custom she hadn’t heard about, or was there a possibility I had been slightly inebriated?
Me drunk? Perish the thought. Hadn’t touched a drop all night. Well, perhaps a couple of beers. Maybe three. And then, of course, there was the brandy, or was it brandies … after all it was the office party.
Subsequent enquiries at the office drew a blank. No one else in the office was wandering around in funny shoes. But out there someone was walking about in my right shoe. I hope he didn’t get Bangkok Foot.